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AXIS Chain is a public, Layer 2 blockchain focused on bridging the gap between real world business challenges and next-gen Web3 tech that decentralizes, democratizes and immutably secures documents and data - to name just a few features. Forged out of the need to provide cost effective solutions for document integrity, data immutability, and smart contract automation - AXIS Chain is the premiere Web3 platform built to strengthen and secure business processes for companies and industries across the globe.

Open source, permissionless, decentralized & secure.

These are the essential elements required for a blockchain to survive and thrive. Very few of them check all these boxes. Ethereum is one of them. But Ethereum's mainchain presents its own inherent obstacles - namely high gas fees and relatively slow transaction speeds. By employing a Layer 2 blockchain, AXIS Chain solves these problems by keeping gas fees low and transactions per second (TPS) high.

What Makes AXIS Unique?

Initially developed to solve crippling inadequacies and inefficiencies in the supply chain, AXIS Chain has evolved to serve a broad spectrum of applications, including insurance document verification, and the creation of a Metaverse and NFT marketplace for the art industry. The potential and power of AXIS Chain are limitless.

High quality, secure business transactions

AXIS Chain is setting out to bring blockchain, transparency and trust to real life applications. The two main focuses of AXIS are security and low transaction fees.

Low transaction fees

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